Sunday, May 11, 2008

Prem Baba/ Hawaii/ Colorado 2008

This blog is dedicated to Sri Sacha Prem Baba, disciple of Sri Sri Hans Raj Maharaji. Being himself a psychologist, Sri Prem Baba's mission is to propagate the knowledge of pure love, through the teachings and practices from the Amazon shamanism, in combination with the philosophy and methodology of self-realization from the sacred texts of Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, Puranas and other literature on natural healing and humanism.

Janderson Fernades de Oliveira was born in a radical Christian family in Brazil. While still young, in training to be an evangelical minister, he was disillusioned by not finding answers to his questions or tolerance for his ideas. So he spent his youth searching through different religions, esoteric schools, scientific academies, and spiritual masters.

He became a gnostic priest and directed the gnostic association of anthropological studies and sciences in Sao Paulo for some years, developing and practising the doctrine of synthesis, which sought to unite art, science, philosophy, and mysticism. He was one of the coordinators of the first meetings of alternative culture in Sao Paulo, where religious leaders from esoteric schools and scientists discussed spirituality and society.

Trained in psychology, Janderson developed methods for building bridges between psychotherapy and spirituality. He added to his work the shamanic experience originating with the peoples of the Amazonian rainforest.

Feeling himself incomplete, Janderson sought in India what he was still lacking. He found himself through the grace of Guru Hans Haj Maharajji, a karma yogi and realized being, and took on a spiritual name, Prem Baba, father of love.

Today he directs the Ordem da Luz, the “Order of Light,” and teaches the “Caminho do Coracao”, the Path of the Heart, that synthesizes elements of all the traditions from which he has learned. The goal of this work is to contribute to the transformation of the world through love, compassion, and truth. In the heart, we are all one.

Prem Baba- Hawaii Pictures 2008:

Prem Baba- Boulder Colorado 2008:


Fatima Brandao said...

lindo, adorei, obrigada,

Fatima Brandao (Ottawa, Canada)

Harisaran said...

Seja bem vinda Fatima! Prem Baba tem planos de visitar Cananada em breve. Espero que vc possa atender os trabalhos em Maio 2010; Hawaii e Colorado.

Hari Saran Das